Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DIY - Edible paint for toddlers

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Edible paint for toddlers - sounds strange? Here is a DIY that toddler mums will love!

Baby K turned 18 months on May 12 and recently discovered the joy of walking hands-free. Ever since he has been unstoppable and everything within his reach is usually found on the floor. So I have been looking for toddler activities that require him to sit and focus for short stretches of time. Painting obviously popped up as one of the top favorites. It helps them explore colors and develop their fine motor skills.

Now finding non- toxic paint for toddlers that won't cause tummy troubles if ingested was another story. Crayola finger paints were probably the only good quality non-toxic paints that I found in our local store but then those explicitly mentioned that they were not suitable for under 3. In such situations, I usually resort to Pinterest and I was not disappointed.

Many of the edible toddler paint recipes I found on Pinterest required using flour and water or cerelac and water plus food color, which in my opinion can get quite sticky and messy. But then I discovered this gem that called for just two ingredients - Curd and food color. Voila! Easy to wipe clean and does not become sticky.

A table spoon of curd mixed with a drop of Wilton Gel food color (that I bought in the hopes of creating colorful cakes and cookies) created purple paint good enough to keep baby K busy for full 15 minutes. That is a LOT in toddler time!

Next time I will try and use natural food colors like beetroot juice, saffron strands, turmeric, spinach puree etc. The idea is to get creative!

Sharing a few pictures from our coloring day. I would love to hear more ideas to keep a toddler busy.

P.S: We use Mothercare high chair with a removable tray, laminated fabric and a toy basket. The chair is easy to clean and we love it!

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