Friday, May 13, 2016

Nursery decor trends 2016

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Decorating a nursery for your mini me can be fun! Who doesn't love a snugly, cozy nursery? Whether you have a dedicated nursery, or a shared bedroom, here are 5 nursery-trends you would love to put your spin on: 

1.Theme based, gender-neutral nurseries: 

Color palettes are moving towards sophisticated neutrals. Soothing browns, grays, greens and even whites act as wonderfully accommodating backgrounds for further decoration. Likewise, theme-based decoration on, say, ‘Geometry’, ‘Celestial’ or ‘Woodland’, is now popular. Think wall papers, murals and prints based on the same.

2. Rattan cribs:

This one’s about getting back to the basics. No better way than to let mother nature provide the raw material for your little one’s crib. Rattan (a kind of palm plant native to Africa and Asia) has always been popular for furniture-making and now wicker cribs made out of it are making a mark. Artisanal, pure and sturdy. I was a lucky baby to sleep in a rattan crib and I am so excited to see these surface again. 

3.Texturing and layering with natural materials: 

Incorporate more natural materials such as breathable cotton bedding, utilitarian grass baskets and welcoming woolen rugs in the nursery. When these natural materials are used in their own earthy tones, their textures get highlighted. Layering with these textures creates a collected look too.

4.Sentimental treasures:

Add character to the nursery - bring back memories from your own childhood by using sentimental treasures to decorate. Floating shelves, baskets, crates, hanging shelves can all be used to display keepsakes with an emotional connect, such as dad’s toy cars mum's collection of bears and dolls, grandpa's vintage globe. Heirlooms can be mixed with new toys, books and shoes to really bring the whole package together, after all you will also be spending a lot of your time in the nursery. 

5. Statement artwork: 

If there is one thing you could splurge on, I would suggest custom artwork. Statement, one of a kind pieces. Think of interesting ideas like woodland animals in water color, vintage posters, embroidered initials, faux taxidermy animal heads, macrame wall hangings the list can go on. Pieces that can be moved from the nursery into big boy/ big girl bedrooms are the way to go. 

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With inputs from Simrith Hundal

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