Sunday, March 6, 2016

Easy dessert - Chocolate chunk ice cream cake

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I am all for quick, easy shortcuts when it comes to cooking. This ice cream cake is an indulgent treat that looks like trouble but is quite easy to whip up and assemble. Loaded with chocolate and caramel, a small slice is more than enough for a big party in the mouth. The taste buds will beg for more, but pray, please stop, for the sake of your heart! (and arteries) 

I started with a packet of Betty Crocker's Devil's food cake, but you can bake a chocolate cake from scratch if you like. In my defense, I made the hot chocolate fudge and the caramel sauce at home. The cake takes a bit of patience with the assembly, it works best with a springform pan. In case you don't have one, follow the instructions here

An important step is to leave your ice cream to soften outside for about 20 mins. It needs to be whipped cream consistency and not runny.

I used a mix of Mars and five star chocolate bits. You can use snickers to make the cake even richer or skip the chocolate chunks altogether.

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Here is the recipe, go indulge:

I box Betty Crocker's Devil's food cake + ingredients to make the cake
I brick (700 ml)  vanilla ice cream
1 cup hot chocolate fudge
10-12 chopped Mars or five star chocolate divided into two portions


1. Bake the Devils food cake as per instructions on the box. Let it cool before un-molding. I used an 8 inch springform tin. 

2. Cut the ice cream brick into two and leave the ice cream outside to soften while you assemble the cake

3. Carefully slice the cake into half - top half and bottom half. Use a flat knife or the thread trick. If your cake has a domed top, slice it off slightly to flatten the cake top

4. Line the sides of the same springform cake tin that was used for baking with parchment paper. Paper should stand slightly higher than the cake tin

5. Place the bottom half of the cake into the springform tin and drizzle 1/3 rd cups of hot chocolate fudge sauce and caramel sauce 

6. Top it with the first portion of your chocolate chunks

7. Add half of the softened ice cream and spread it evenly

8. Layer the top half of the cake and drizzle with 1/3 rd cups of chocolate and caramel sauce

9. Cover the cake with the remaining ice cream and spread evenly and let it freeze overnight

11. Unmold the springform pan when frozen and remove the parchment paper

12. Place the cake on a cake stand and decorate the top with chocolate chunks. Finish with a drizzle of the remaining 1/3 rd cups of chocolate and caramel sauce. Let the sauces run down the sides 

13. Re-freeze until it is ready to be served

Recipe adapted from Life, love and sugar. 


  1. wonderful recipe.i want to try this today for my husbands birthday.i have a question.if we refreeze the cake until its time to serve would it be too hard to cut the cake?

  2. Hi Amritha, I would suggest: Leave it out for about 5 minutes before cutting. Moisten the cake layers well with the sauces. In my experience the cake does not harden so much that it is hard to cut. I'm sure you will love it!
    Thank you!


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