Friday, February 19, 2016

Online shopping for Men - Mr Bowerbird

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Online shopping in India is quickly becoming a saturated space but then, once in a while, there emerges a brand with crystal clear vision and perfect targeting. I recently discovered Mr Bowerbird on Myntra and I am absolutely in love with their products.

The winter here in Hyderabad is almost non-existent and between the mister and I, we have one warm, padded jacket somewhere in a suitcase, up in the loft. So last week when he announced that he was due to travel to Zurich for work, I took up the task to look for 'appropriate' winter wear that would work in near zero temperatures. 

Now, I have burnt my fingers in the past when buying clothes online, so this time I was pretty sure I would stick to the tried and tested brands. Pure wool sweaters were high on my shopping list and Mr Bowerbird surfaced when I ran a filtered search on Myntra. I was blown away by their easy going, relaxed lambs wool sweaters that looked perfect for an official offsite. Pictures can be deceptive but I gave in and placed my order. I love brands that pay a little extra attention to their packaging and Mr Bowerbird totally rocked in that department. My package arrived in a brown paper bag with a 'Hello' printed on top in a type that I would classify as classy! The packaging also included a small notebook titled Field notes and a simple lobster clasp key chain with an aged Bower bird coin. All in all, opening the package felt special and that is just what differentiates their products from the usual. Packages that arrive in the mail are always exciting and that is what Javed Khan from Mr Bowerbird has captured beautifully.

The Mr Bowerbird sweater made me go back and look at their entire line available on the Myntra app and get in touch with Javed himself. Javed says that "Mr Bowerbird clothing lays emphasis on the finer details, their designs are modern but rooted and they draw inspiration from old treasures and celebrate time worn perfection."

Visit Mr Bowerbird on the Myntra App, FB and follow them on Tumblr.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by Myntra or Mr Bowerbird. My views here are genuinely heartfelt!

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