Monday, January 4, 2016

DIY - Nautical favor bags

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Baby K turned one on Nov 12 and we celebrated with a a little nautical theme birthday party. Why nautical? Because when baby K was 8 months old, I picked his birthday dress. It was cute and preppy and I loved the little anchors on his bow tie. And then, a few days later, I had the OMG moment! We had to do a nautical theme birthday party because I just could't let him wear anchors to a jungle party. (First birthday, first born - I'm crazy like that)

I lived on Pinterest for months pinning ideas for a Nautical theme, but I later realized that nautical isn't a popular theme in India. So our party stores don't carry a lot of nautical decor and I had to resort to hiring a party planner and a lot of DIY.

The favor bags or return gift bags were a DIY I am quite proud of. I made 25 of them that fitted perfectly into the birthday theme. 

I was inspired by these cloth favor bags that I found on Pinterest:

via: kateaspen

Here is the DIY if incase you decide on a Nautical party: 

Step 1: You will need white paper bags to start with. I found mine on eBay India. Red and blue cardstock paper, pair of scissors, a ruler and a pen/pencil and a glue stick 

Step 2: Draw and cut 4 inch strips from the red cardstock and stick three of them on the paper bags. Leave a 6 inch gap between 2 strips. (Adjust according to the size of your bag)

Step 3: Print anchors on the blue paper. I could print two of these on a single sheet. Again, adjust according to the size of your bag. I used the anchor template from here - Printable treats
Carefully cut the printed anchor and stick it in the middle of the bag. 

Repeat the steps on the opposite side and you have cute, preppy nautical favor bags! 

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