Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cheat tip to create a bokeh background with a phone camera

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Creating a bokeh background with a phone camera without a DLSR sounds too good to be true? Read on for a quick cheat tip especially when  photographing small objects.

For some time now I have been ghost - running the Instagram account of a skincare company based in Singapore. They sent me their products and my task was to create vignettes that would appeal to their followers. For me, shooting with the DSLR is ideal but sometimes, deadlines need to be met and a little toddler photo bombing my vignettes is never ideal.

So here is a super easy cheat trick to create an interesting bokeh background without a DSLR. It took me exactly 10 minutes to set up and shoot. I saw this wonderful idea on Pinterest but could never locate the original source.

Step 1: Search for a bokeh wallpaper you like

Step 2: Click on view image and zoom it out to cover your entire screen

Step 3: Set up your laptop in a brightly lit area in your home. By brightly lit, I mean, abundant natural light. 

Step 4: Use a base that will elevate the product you want to shoot. I placed the lid of a cookie box.

Step 5: Finally, place the product you want to shoot, create a composition and click away. Easy peasy bokeh! 

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  1. Hey Kriti,

    Good idea to highlight any perticuler images, i will use it to pins products for my site


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