Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wooden block printing - an ancient Indian art

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Sharing this amazing video on Block printing that truly captures the essence of everything Handmade. Only the passionate for the art can endure the tedious process of directing the hand to cut the wooden block perfectly, the very foundation of Block Printing. Wooden blocks are intricately carved to create designs and motifs. These are then dipped in color and stamped on fabric. The method of wood block printing has not changed for over the past 500 years.

Here are some pictures from my visit to a block printing unit:

A vintage elephant block

Spot the birdies!

Wooden blocks neatly arranged

Block printers at work

Cotton fabrics especially the soft voiles are by far the favorites for block printing. The sheer quality of the fabric and the property to absorb dyes evenly makes them far better than silks which are also being used as a block printing base. 

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