Thursday, February 13, 2014

Add texture with handmade African Juju Hats

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For me texture is really the essence of all home decor. Decor that does not incorporate enough texture usually looks flat. Bring in texture with faux fur rugs, kilims, knitted throws, Moroccan wedding blankets or a Juju hat

So what exactly is a Juju hat

A juju headdress or a Bamiléké feather headdress or simply Tyn hat originated in Cameroon, Africa. These hats are adorned by the royal dancers for important ceremonies. The head dresses are handmade with dyed chicken feathers and raffia. The had is bound together with leather and opens into a beautiful circular medley of feathers. These have become quite famous with interior designers across the world for their gorgeous texture. 

Juju headdresses or juju hats are an expensive but a very effective way to introduce texture in your decor. A juju hat can range anywhere between $350 to $1000 depending on the size. So, until I save up to buy an authentic one, here is some eye candy - rooms decorated with juju hats from Cameroon. 

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