Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Decorating with circles

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I was looking at some pictures of beautiful rooms recently and even though they were all beautiful and far from what I could pull off myself there was something missing. I looked hard but still could not find the missing element. Then I had an epiphany! The rooms had way too many sharp edges. And by that I mean - mid-century modern furniture with clean lines, coffee table with sharp edges, pictures on the wall with sharp edges, and nothing to soften the decor. 

So I thought as to what I would do to get the room off its edge and the answer was pretty simple - I would add some circles and ease off the edges. 

Here are my four favorite pictures for inspiration:

1. Decorating with a juju head dress

2. Decorating with colorful, assorted plates

3. Decorating with a collection of baskets

4. Decorating with macrame doilies

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  1. Rendered speechless by the beauty of the artwork. Just wow!


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