Monday, November 18, 2013

Coffee table books for the decorator

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I have an ever increasing collection of coffee table books on my Amazon wishlist. Coffee table books can be such a delight and a dose of inspiration on days when you need it the most. I love books and with the advent of the kindle, my 'real' book reading experience is slowly changing. I do miss the feel of holding the book and flipping to the end to read juicy bits. We've moved four times in the last five years so a kindle is only for the sake of convenience. Coffee table books give me the much needed break from 'kindling' for too long. 

Here is my coffee table book wishlist for the decorator in me:

1. Maryam Montague's Marrakesh by Design

2. Sandra Espinet's Well - Traveled Home

3. Nichole Robertson's Paris in Color

4. Flatweaves of Turkey by Arend Bandsma and Robin Brandt

5. Jaya Jaitley's Crafts Atlas of India

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