Monday, September 16, 2013

Illustrated recipes from Lucile's Kitchen

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Cooking is my least favorite chore. Even getting to the kitchen sometimes sucks and I cringe at the thought of hosting an elaborate dinner. I'd rather spend my time decking up the house, changing pillow covers or just simply ogling at beautiful interiors on (sometimes people ask me why I don't have a separate board for kitchens on my Pinterest, now you know!) But now that I have a work from home kind of an arrangement, which means more frequent trips to the kitchen, I realized that I need a bit more inspiration to get me to there. 

So today I headed to Etsy to pick some colorful posters for the kitchen and there I found these gorgeous recipe illustrations from Lucile's Kitchen. These especially struck a chord because I once loved the watercolor medium and used watercolors extensively for nature study back in school.

 Lucile's blog is a delight for an insight into her thought process behind creating these illustrations. Some of these are painted on vintage letters which adds a whimsical touch. I love the way she composes the recipe and each one reflects her passion. 

This is just what I needed! These are shipped from Paris and I am thinking of ordering a couple. Have a look at Lucile's shop here on Etsy

All photos belong to Lucile's Kitchen


  1. I love those illustrations Kriti! How fun they are :) Thanks for sharing with us and have a great weekend!


  2. Thank you for visiting the blog Ronique! I love them too! Sometimes I am really amazed at the amount of creativity in this World. So happy that we have the power of internet.


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