Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bohemian decor - Organized chaos

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I wonder what it is with my dreams and Morocco, I see myself walking through the souks of Marrakesh lined with gorgeous mosaic lamps, drinking endless cups of mint tea. I see vivid pictures of glazed ceramic pottery with colorful etchings. I find myself bargaining with a kilim vendor. And now I am pretty sure I dream in color! Perhaps too much Pinterest. 

Anyways, here are a few of my favorite bohemian decor pictures. I am not sure if I can ever pull this off in my home, so I find solace in dreaming about these. 



  1. Oh wow!! That is some seriously droolworthy stuff!! :) Loved it!! And we should go to do Morocco trip together, I say. It has been on my list forever!!

  2. Thanks for visiting Simran. Yes, we must. I can't imagine walking the souks with my husband - I will not be able to tolerate the impatience when I am window shopping. Must do a girls only trip - next marathon blogger meet in Morocco. What say? :)


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