Thursday, July 18, 2013

The black leather sofa dilemma!

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I am in the process of moving into my new home and my latest dilemma is the black faux leather sofa. My sense of design and colour was possibly at its lowest when I bought this not so pretty black leather sofa. Now, why do I hate it so much - firstly, it is not leather but faux leather, which agrees with the "animals also have feelings" side of me but really, what was I thinking? Secondly, from the very day the sofa was placed in my living room, I have strongly felt that black makes the entire room feel horribly dull. 

I have spent my waking hours over the last few days trolling pinterest and houzz for ways to live with a black sofa and the more I see gorgeous, crisp and fresh lighter ones, the more I panic. 

I now have a list of ways to make the black look better for anyone who is stuck in the same rut. Hopefully one or a combination of more should work:

1. The age old black and white: It's a cliche, I know but pair black with white and you're done. For a little drama, throw in a pop of colour. Adds a formal feel to the living room, but a bit of clutter can ruin the whole show. I am a collector and a hoarder, I love colour, I would not foray into the world of monochrome. Phew, too formal for me. 


2. Work on the soft furnishings: Too bad I can't re-upholster the sofas (they are as good as new!) but adding colour through soft furnishings can really brighten the room. The one good thing about black is that it is colour neutral and can be paired with a multitude of colours. 

I absolutely love the pictures below. 

3. Throw in a rug: Most people would swear by a brightly coloured rug under their feet. I would too. A rug can instantly light up a room and a gorgeous one can easily become a focal point in the room. But, I would leave the polyester ones and definitely invest in a handwoven woolen rug - nothing else can match the charm. 

I think a geometric will work like a dream for me. 

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