Friday, July 19, 2013

Book nooks and home libraries

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I think my ranting will not cease till I have put this new house together. But then again, homes were never built in a day! So today I am fretting about this silly alcove in the house which serves no real purpose. The earlier tenants had placed their massive fridge in the space and wasted the rest of the precious square foot area. But Thank God for the internet, I have decided to covert it into a reading nook. The little alcove is just adjacent to the kitchen so I can take a little time off and plop myself there. 

Sharing some really pretty nooks that have inspired me and hopefully I should have one of my own soon!

I absolutely love this one from Susan Jay Design. Found it on I could live inside this little green box. 

Moroccan inspired seating for an indoor alcove? 

A window reading nook brings in a lot of natural light and utilizes the space below the window. 

Clearly, the winner! Yes, its not a corner, but still, love it!

Do you have a reading nook that you are particularly fond of? Share with us. 

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