Tuesday, June 18, 2013

NOOKROAD - Handmade & Homegrown

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As a little girl, I often looked at my toys and wondered where they had come from. Whether someone actually sat down with a paint brush and painted my wooden giraffe and sewed the eyes on my bear or was it just a machine doing all the work? I never found an answer. Until recently I heard from Keren about an exciting new Australian venture called Nookroad, a website where crafters share stories about the birth of their painstakingly crafted products. And there, I thought, someone like me had an answer.

The idea of sharing stories about the love and hard-work put into creating a handmade sounded so exciting. I requested Keren, the co-founder to share more about Nookroad with Handmadetalks. And here is what she says...


I first learnt to sew in a high school textiles class. Since the strangely satisfying experience of sewing a pair of blue tie-died cotton shorts that were too ugly to ever wear, I’ve completed a number of sewing projects. Though not the most technically difficult, the favourite is a simple patchwork apron.  When I look at this apron I see fabric bought while traveling through Europe, the remnants of a headscarf I wore in my Uni days, fabric I bought with my Grandma on the last day I spent with her and swatches of a vintage dress bought at an op shop.

Like all handmade products, my apron tells a story. And the value of any handmade product is tied up with its story. They can be stories of painstaking work and ethical conviction. Stories of an experience or idea. They are stories of creativity that capture our imagination and inspire us. Above all, these stories are personal. And when it comes to the handmade marketplace, it is these stories that make for a completely different and more meaningful buying experience. 

These stories of the creative process were the inspiration behind NOOKROAD, a new online marketplace that integrates a story telling platform to effectively communicate the value of handmade and homegrown products. Using a combination of text, image or video, users can create and then easily attach a Product Story to any item they sell on the site. The idea is to give small handmade businesses the tools to communicate what makes their work unique and valuable. 

By providing an opportunity to share these stories of production and creativity, NOOKROAD promotes transparency in production and encourages thoughtful consumption. NOOKROAD is a place where your can learn about the inspiration behind a product.  It’s a place where quality craftsmanship is demonstrated and you can catch a glimpse of the studios and workshops of makers. NOOKROAD provides an engaging way to explain where materials come from and what ethical considerations that have gone into the production process.
NOOKROAD’s own ethical commitments include their “5% for 5%” initiative. NOOKROAD pledges 5% of profits to a charity chosen by its online community. With no listing fees and only a 5% Sales Fee, NOOKROAD is committed to using the power of story telling to see creative people turn their talent into turnover. 

Keren Moran is the co-founder of NOOKROAD. When she’s not working on building the NOOKROAD community, she loves a good baking session, growing veggies in her courtyard garden, candle making and sewing.

NOOKROAD's unique story telling platform allows makers, artists and designers to show us what makes their products special

Clockwise from Top Left: 
Recycled Trestle Table, $350 by Huddle; 
Bath Salt Product Story, By So Soap; 
Symmetry Hand Printed Cushion Cover, $50.00 by Little Miss Gee; 
Stormy Blues Leather Wallet, $119.00 by Alex & Xavier; 
Handcrafted Turkish Towels, $30.00 each, by Six Foot Neon

 Left: Sailboat Kit, $2,770 by The Balmain Boat Company 
Right: Bicycle Laptop Cover, $35.00 By Even Weave

Left: Trois Savons - Three Soap Set, $18.00 by So Soap 
Right: Spiced Pumpkin Pie Soap, $12.00 by Cleanse With Benefits

Clockwise from Top Left: 
Drawstring Ballet Flat, $369 by Viajiyu; 
Freshwater Pear Bracelet, $45.00, by Alex & Xavier; 
Organic Green Tea, $8.95, byVintage Teas; 
Leather Soft Soled Shoes, $27.95 by This Lil Piggy; 
Upcycled Beer Bottle Tumblers, $32.00 by Pete's Glasses; 
Threaded Notebook Bundles, $25 by Huddle

All Products available on NOOKROAD.COM

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