Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blue is the hue!

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I think there is a phase in every woman's life where she sees her home in blues and whites. And I guess mine is here, a probable cause maybe because I have been missing the bright blue skies and puffy white clouds that I spotted so often in the Sydney skies. It was only today that I realized that my Pinterest is also predominantly blue and white! 

Sharing a few pins from Pinterest that have caught my fancy, and then photos of the blue and white skies so you know the reason for my recent obsession!

The distressed kilim rug with traditional wood work and foliage looks absolutely stunning. 

Oriental blues 
via pinterest

All over toile print is ofset with a bunch of pink roses! 

Absolutely gorgeous! A mix of two of my favorites - Suzani and blues

Why limit blue and white to the furnishing? Bring them to the table. 

Traditionally styled with blue

Stanwell Tops - NSW

Bicentennial Park - Sydney

Jervis Bay 

All landscapes clicked by me

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