Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Design tips for small spaces

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In all my discussions, I have always maintained that decorating a small apartment is a much bigger task than decorating a larger apartment. It requires much more planning and creativity. A piece of furniture too big for the apartment can end up occupying a lot of space and can create an overwhelming feeling. 

I for myself am in the midst of renting my perfect sized apartment to create a home that is both cozy and inviting. I have shared some of my tips in an article I wrote for a magazine. Hope this helps a little in creating a perspective. According to me, planning is the key. Take a pencil and roughly sketch out the layout and then work upon placement of furniture.

Here are some great ideas from Pinterest:

I love this idea of a simple corner bar. Nothing lavish but a great impact!

The use of mirrors as wall art can work wonders to add light and the feeling of space. 

Use of chairs can be a blessing in disguise. I love the gallery wall. 
It diverts the attention from the size of the room. 

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