Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shabby Chic decor ideas

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I was recently working on a Shabby chic decor article for one of the ezines I write for and I am now totally crushing on quirky vintage collectible. Soft pastel colors and flowy fabrics with fresh floral prints and tarnished metal feel.

Shabby Chic is a registered trademark and belongs to Rachel Ashwell who started her line of home decor by the same name. Shabby chic is all about billowy, feminine touches with a chic, sophisticated style. A gentle blend of vintage collectibles with plush laces and yards of fabric, ornate chandeliers and English print crockery. Phew! A whimsical, dreamy reality!

Sharing some Shabby chic ideas here:

I love the layering of colors, prints and textures in this picture. 

I have always wanted a whimsical birdcage, love the idea of a few pink candles inside. 

Vintage English crockery! 

There is method in this madness! A vintage, distressed tray with a collection of non- matching glasses and a vintage teapot. 

Powder pink and white can brighten up any room. The chandelier is swoon worthy. Don't miss the frill around the chair pads. 

This picture is worth a million words, but takes huge attitude to carry off something like this in your home. Would you?

Inspired by the sea!

Perfect for a little girl's bedroom!

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