Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A fab new website!

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I have come to realize that I usually spend half my day Pinteresting. I am so hooked and so wish I had a house like the one I have on Pinterest! Nevertheless it continues to inspire me to create a warm, homely feel in my own little apartment. 

Very recently I came across this wonderful website that brings me a little closer to my dream of being able to change my furniture and decor with every change in season. The website is in German, but with technology these days, language is no barrier, so head off to and start building your home -  a room at a time. 

The website allows you to create a collage online and envision what your room should look like. So if you have a black sofa and wonder what color cushions will go with it, fabrooms can help you make a choice before you buy. You can also buy from them directly if you do fall in love with any of the products. 

Visit their website

Here are some collages created on their website to stir your imagination:

Fancy an Italian themed kitchen?

Wondering how to re-purpose your distressed dresser?

I am in love with the colors!

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