Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vintage Tribal Textiles - Kulshi Mumkin

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Small decor pieces in your living room make great conversation starters. Kitschy or vintage these pieces that come with a story of their own usually become a favorite in the home. If you are looking for that one piece to complete your living room decor then head to KulshiMumkin on etsy

KulshiMumkin has a collection of vintage textiles from the Hmong tribal region of Thailand. Gorgeous embroidered fabric from the Hmong Folk art is upcycled and handcrafted into bags, hats, charms and my favorite - dream catchers! Kai the young lady behind Kulshi Mumkin from Chiang Mai has a wonderful story about building her business on Etsy. Read it here

KulshiMumkin is now also offering textile panels to use a wall art for your home. These are priced at as little as $5 a panel! Visit their page at here

Here is my wishlist from KulshiMumkin:

All photos belong to Kulshi Mumkin

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  1. She delivers excellent and unique pieces of art. I LOVE her stuff!


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