Friday, March 1, 2013

Inspirations for a Memory wall

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I very often look back and cherish the few printed photos I have. My album of memories remains close to my heart and I have realized that no digital photograph on the computer can match the joy behind opening up a physical album from time to time. Disk crashes, forgotten passwords and lost USB drives are a common story. Here are some inspirations for a memory wall which is now on my 'must do list'

Creating a memory wall is easy once you have chosen the wall to decorate and the photos to frame. The memory wall very often becomes the focal point in the house and is a great conversation starter. The living room and around the staircase landing area are common sites for a memory wall. 

I like this pretty idea of creating a personal space around the work area. Memories, inspirations and ideas can all go up on a simple line with paper clips. Use online editing softwares like to create Polaroid prints for a charming Old World effect.  

This is another wonderful idea that I plan to work on with mementos from my some of my most cherished travel experiences. Create mood boards of your travels by placing together tickets, collectibles, museum and park passes, a magnet and other knick knacks and framing them. Create a story and never be too far away from reminiscing about the time well spent. 

Not so much of a memory wall, but nevertheless a great idea for the whole family. Get the family to play with some paints and have some fun! 

Instead of sticking to the cliche black, white or brown frames for photos, choose a mix of two colors. Works well in adding a pop to the memory wall. 

Finally, here is an idea I love! Choose and mix frames of different sizes and colors. Let the placement be random and not very precise to bring out a fun element. Create a bunting of photos and add other memorabilia. 

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