Monday, March 18, 2013

Garden ideas for small spaces - Terrariums

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Emerald green is Pantone's 'Color of the Year'. Green being the most abundant color found in nature has a calming effect. There is a sudden influx of green shaded everything in the market, but I would rather buy something that is more than a fad. When I thought of how to introduce this chic royal shade in my home, I thought of my bare balcony. How I wished I could squeeze in a little garden in  my tiny apartment. If you are in a situation like mine - terrariums with succulents are a very easy idea to add 'emerald green'. Terrariums are low maintenance, indoor garden that can be molded according to the amount of space. Terrariums can be open or closed. Closed terrariums don't need to be watered very frequently, they recycle the moisture trapped inside. 

Here are some lovely ideas for and indoor garden. Some of these are terrariums, some just fantastic garden ideas. 

I love this little glass enclosed rain-forest complete with dinosaurs. Replace your flower vase with one of these!


Next time you host a dinner, use terrarium arrangements to dress up the table. The guests will be talking about it for hours!


This is a cute closed terrarium in a spice jar. Buy similar ones form MossTerrariums

This Vertical Garden is a piece of art. An innovative use of frames! Buy one of these framed vertical gardens for the living room from

I wonder how people even conceive such brilliant ideas. Recycle wine corks by turning them into a tiny succulent garden. These will make a wonderful gift for your green crazy friend!


Make a terrarium at home, watch this video. 

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  1. very true... excellent idea.. have tried sumthing like this at home.... looks great...


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