Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bootyheart Jewelry

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'There is no limit to the power of human mind'.

It's amazing to see people take the 'upcycled' trend to a new high. David Garay from BootyHeart Jewelry recently wrote to me about his amazing venture. David uses scrap material from industrial waste to create stunning earth friendly jewelry. He has taken the upcycled trend a notch higher by adding an element of luxury to it. His jewelry line is created out of tinted concrete, recycled glass and reclaimed stainless steel. Every piece is conceived and created by David in this workshop at home in California. Check out his Etsy page.

David has also started and captains a team on Etsy that helps other Etsy shop owners interact and network. So if you own a shop on Etsy, this link may be useful:

Visit his Facebook page here

Here are some pictures from David's collection:

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