Monday, February 25, 2013

Guide to Decoupaging a glass bottle

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DIY: Decoupage an empty glass bottle by Molly of Design5Studio. Visit her wonderful facebook page here and our feature on Design5Studio here.  

Material Required:

An empty glass bottle (you can use any kind of bottle, painted or plain) I used one that was washed, labels removed, cleaned and dried up.

·         Craft Glue
·         Water
·         Brush
·         Scissor
·         Old magazines/comic books/newspaper cutouts
·         Acrylic colors (for adding any details) but this is optional


1. Cutout your favourite pictures from the magazine/comic book. Trim their edges neatly.
         Make sure the bottle has a clean and dry surface.

2. Mix water and craft glue in 1:2 ratio properly.

3. Spread the glue+water mix onto the bottle.
4. Pick up the cutouts and start pasting them one by one on the bottle as you see fit.

5. Make a pattern or paste them randomly. Once the glue dries up, you can add 2-3 layers of the water+glue mix on top as protective layers. Let it dry up for a whole day. 

Voila! You can use this bottle for decoration on its own or as vase too!

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