Thursday, February 21, 2013

Anjali Design - Upcycling Glass bottles

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I recently heard from Anjali Venkat about her venture Anjali Design, an upcycling project.

What is so different about that - ever heard of upcycling glass bottles? 

If not, then visit Anjali's website and get mesmerized by her art of molding glass bottles into various forms. Anjali, works from her studio in Chennai, and uses discarded glass bottles that are cleaned and then worked upon. The size, colour and shape of the bottles are taken into consideration before being transformed into another avatar. This process of transformation is an energy efficient but grueling one. The bottles are cut, drilled, etched, engraved, melted and manipulated into new shapes and uses.Thus are born planters, dishes, platters, bookends all made from the humble glass bottle!

Anjali has been working with glass for over 17 years, and was making mosaic table tops using broken and discarded mirrors before turning to upcycling glass bottles. Alcohol and wine bottle are by far her favorite for their  colors and shapes. Also they are designed and fabricated to withstand the rigors of transportation around the world. 

For her the challenge is to transform society’s undesirable waste into something that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Her work and dedication towards creating a piece of art more useful and often more valuable that its original form is commendable. Next time before you throw away a glass bottle, think of the possibilities!

Photo credits: Anjali Design

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