Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aaraa by Avantika

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It's Valentine's! 

I am not much of a surprise person, so I have managed to take the liberty of finding myself a gift, with love from the better half. (What fun!) And this year, it's a gorgeous piece of handmade luxury from 'Aaraa by Avantika'.

Avantika Agrawal, an engineer by education and a designer by choice is the creative brain behind the unconventional jewellery that makes 'Aaraa by Avantika' so different. Spend thirty seconds  in her Facebook album, and you will be convinced when I say that  'Aaraa by Avantika' has managed to venture beyond the usual. The fact that every piece of her Zardozi collection is painstakingly handwoven by Avantika herself, separates the brand from others in her genre. 

Each piece is different and reflects a personality of its own. Zardozi being an extremely difficult and delicate material to use, very few pieces are created, which cannot be replicated. The challenge here lies in weaving this material in a way that it retains its lustre and charm, without getting damaged, and giving it the desired shape to create  2 dimensional as well as 3 dimensional forms. Avantika also designs jewellery in sterling silver which are then handmade by silver artisans and craftsmen. 

Avantika finds her inspiration in everyday life, nature and cultural motifs. She defines her design sense as 'organic and emotive'. Even with a creative bent of mind, transitioning from an engineer with an analytically inclined sense of reasoning to a jewellery designer was not easy. With perseverance and dedication, she managed to balance her logical thinking and creativity to shape a brand of her own. 

Handmade Talks is a celebration of creativity and individuality that 'handmade' reflects and Aaraa by Avantika is a brand to look out for on the International luxury arena. 

Visit Aaraa by Avantika's facebook page for a boost to the senses. 
And yes, they ship internationally. 

All photos belong to Aaraa by Avantika. 

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