Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Color Caravan - Age old Art, New age Form!

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Ever since I started this blog in December, I have been amazed many times over, and marveled at the evolution of design and designers who have found a perfect balance between traditional and modern. 

The Color Caravan is one such venture that is working hard to provide adequate support to the artisans and encouraging them to carry forward the traditional arts that might not exist for our future generations. 

The Color Caravan is Swati Seth's idea that she has brilliantly molded into one of India's 'emerging and loved brands'. Swati says that every 7-10 years nearly 10 per cent of the 23 million artisans across the country move on from traditional crafts, handed to them over generations, in search of better opportunities. If this trend continues, traditional Indian craft could be lost in the next few decades. Swati works with independent artisans, NGOs, Self help groups and helps build a sense of pride in their craft and creates a livelihood for them. 

An artistically inclined and well traveled Swati, concocted a contemporary twist with traditional arts and marketed the heady mix in the form of The Color Caravan to a restless urban population that is always on the lookout for 'something different.'

The Color Caravan's facebook photo album is a burst of colors and kept me busy for hours. Check it out here. There is a huge range of home decor, clothing, and the cutest hand knit baby sweaters. You will be able to browse and buy the products directly from their website which will be functional soon, 'like' their FB page for updates in the meaanwhile.

Photo credit: The Color Caravan

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