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Online shopping trends I love!

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So I had a great fall in Oct last year which resulted in a broken ankle and have been more or less been confined to my beautiful home in Sydney with my companion, the laptop. All my Christmas shopping was done online and as a result am now an experienced online-shopper! Having developed a sixth sense of sniffing out great shopping deals on the internet, I decided to share Five of the latest trends to hit the Online Shopping world:

1. Gone are the days when one had to wait for upto 6 weeks for delivery from the retailer. Frustrating as it was, a lot of energetic and eager retailers are now offering a delivery within 3 hours - how awesome is that! So imagine this - You have a client dinner tonight but can't find that perfect dress to impress and are stuck in office. The solution is easy - head over online, pay a premium and get a delivery in 3 hours. The only con is that this is great offer is currently available in only a few metro locations and offered by a handful of retailers. I'm hoping the bug catches onto a lot more e-tailers! 

My Top Pick in this Category: The Iconic

2. Buying shoes online has always been a dilemma and an added stress until recently when I heard about the newest technology that might relieve online shoe shoppers like me from thinking twice. A company associated with a program called Gait analysis has launched a Gait Analysis machine that scans and captures the details of your foot. The program will require the customer to get a Gait analysis at one of their machine locations and will then create a foot profile. The foot profile can be used by the online shoe marketers to match the perfect fit for all the Cinderella's out there. 

My Top Pick in this Category: Its a long shot, and we have to wait and watch!

3. E-gift cards, might have been around for a while, but these are my staple and savior these days. Did you forget your nephew's birthday and Facebook just reminded you? An e-gift card can save the misery of running to a store to buy a gift card and fretting over getting it to the birthday boy in time. Get online, just choose the denomination, add birthday wishes and send email birthday gift from the World's Bestest Aunt! 

My Top Pick in this Category: Toysrus

4. Online Coupons: I remember waiting for the Sunday newspaper that carried discount coupons for various retailers. This would be a once in a week event and hunting for a good deal was a magnanimous task. Not any more - A lot of deal and coupon websites have erupted in the online space and can get you discounts ranging from your brick and mortar neighborhood super market to extra Skype credits. The coupons are live on the deal websites for a limited time and in some cases a limited number, so it adds to the fun of discovering the 'Scream out loud' deal! A lot of them also tell you about the sales happening in your local area.

My Top Pick in this Category: Promo code 4 Share

5. Finally, there have been a million times when from my home in Sydney, I have found the most gorgeous handbag at an online version of a store in the US. By the time I get my friend in the US to go and buy it for me, its off the shelf. How I wished I could be there in time for the handbag - I guess, I wasn't the only one and some diligent stores started the new concept of order online and pick up from the store. Its a simple logistical solution -the online store delivers the product to the physical store, the store will call up and inform you when the product is ready for pick up. Now, at your convenience lay your hands on all the gorgeousness in the world and surprise at no extra shipping costs!

My Top Pick in this Category: Strandbags

Shopping online can be very tricky with *asterisks* denoting retailer clauses in a super tiny  font that a new shopper can easily miss. This can lead to frustration and undue amount of money. I have had many such bad experiences and will be sharing tips on identifying a great deal online in my next post. Keep reading!

Although a convenient option, online shopping can be very tricky. Understanding the *asterisks* denoting retailer clauses in a super tiny font can easily deter and frustrate a new online shopper. This can lead to disappointment and at times, undue amounts of money being fleeced by online shopping scams. I have had many such bad experiences and will be sharing tips on identifying a great deal online in my next post. Keep reading!

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