Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Graffiti and the exciting new twists in Street Art!

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Graffiti didn't have a significant impression on my mind in my growing up years.  It wasn't until a few years back that I was introduced to graffiti as an Art form in the by- lanes of Europe. Some of those graphics were so engaging that I had a field day with the camera and desperately tried to meet the artists. But these graffiti artists are unknown, gifted people with a form of expression that doesn't necessarily go down well with the local public services.

Very little is know about these face less so called shenanigans. It could be a rebellious teenager on a whirlwind trip to literally paint the town red or a lonely next door neighbor who is still exploring ways to express emotions. These anonymous individuals work in the shadows of the night with trouble waiting just round the corner. 

My interest in graffiti as a form of street art was once again revived by the intricate design and colors put in by one such faceless artist on a barren ugly brick wall in Sydney. This is when I researched and was amazed by other various forms of street art that are now quite popular. 

1. Yarn Bombing:

A fairly new, more feminine form of graffiti art called yarn bombing or guerrilla knitting is becoming a rage. Knitting reminds me of my grandmother who was obsessed with knitting sweaters for everyone including my dog. There were bold and boring striped ones and ones with doggies! 

From Knitting sweaters for people, knitting enthusiasts have taken on a new tedious but colorful challenge of warming up inanimate public property with colorful knit and crocheted yarns 

The public property bombed by these artists can range from a tree, park benches, stray bicycles, the city rail or even the raging bull on Wall street. The yarn bombers like to capture their work on camera since these yarns begin to weather out in about a week. Regarded as a less destructive form of graffiti, it is supposedly tolerated well by the law enforcers - even though it is considered vandalism. 

Watch this amazing video of Olek, a yarn bomber, who decided to cover up the Raging bull in pink.

Read more about yarn bombing artist Bali from Melbourne at Twilighttaggers

2. Eye Bombing

'Eyes that speak' is a familiar phrase for those who have big expressive eyes, now imagine big wiggly, googly eyes on inanimate objects - letter boxes with eyes, cigarette butts with eyes and even dust bins with eyes. If I was to come across such an object with eyes, I would definitely smile, and then watch what I do - someone has their eyes on me! Eyes can add a distinct personality to even everyday objects that one wouldn't care to give a second look to. The brainchild of two Danes, eye bombing has been successful in 'adding a soul or souls' to the streets!

See more amusing photos here.
Read more about Eye Bombing here.

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