Monday, January 21, 2013

Enchanting Lamps eyed in Sydney!

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There is something so wonderfully mysterious about lamps! I've been spotting incredibly beautiful lamps in Sydney these days. Its almost as if someone has cast an enchanting spell and I have developed a sudden attraction to encased light bulbs! 

I spotted these absolutely gorgeous Mosaic lamps at Xanthi, the Greek Restaurant in Sydney City's Westfield mall. A meal at Xanthi is always a wonderful experience and it took me a third visit to actually look close and appreciate the beauty of the mosaic lamps that add a touch of Arabian Nights in the middle of Sydney. I guess I was just too busy gorging on their 'out of this World' Baklava ice cream. Mosaic lamps are originally handmade on a brass base. Pieces of colored glasses are stuck in a pattern and were originally used to decorate Sultan's Palaces in Turkey, Greece and the Middle East. The patterned lamp projects an array of colored light and has a mesmerizing effect. Must visit Xanthi for a meal and the lamps, or vice-versa.

Another brilliant idea to upcycle your stash of beer bottles. I spotted this really innovative beer bottle lamp at Mad Mex again in the Westfield Sydney City. 

Finally, This is a photo of the Miu Miu shop window. I love the way they have put together wind spinners/ sun catchers to create a bedazzling effect for their window. 

All of these lamps can easily be replicated at home with a little bit of effort and lots of patience!
All photos were taken by me

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