Friday, December 21, 2012

Artisan's Cottage - Soul of Craft!

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Sometimes I wonder at the power of social media! I recently came across beautiful photos of a store in India on Facebook and within minutes I heard back from Harita about it. So from here in Sydney, I am very excited to share and blog about Artisan's Cottage in Ahmedabad. 

Harita Kapur, a graduate from NIFT, one of India's Premier Design schools', wrote to me about her venture Artisan's Cottage, a Craft's based lifestyle store in Ahmedabad, India. 

Artisan's Cottage is Harita's attempt at promoting Craft & Design and has been successful in creating a very special store that reflects Indian Design and Heritage. Harita sources the products in the store from various designers, crafts people, organizations and 'upcyclers' from across the country.  

The tastefully done up store speaks volumes of Harita's dream project that reflects the 'Soul of craft' and the aesthetic of refinement. For her, the store is a medium to help sustain crafts passed down from generations and support the artisan community. 

Artisan's Cottage has an 'Alice in Wonderland' feel to it, one can easily get dreamy in this fantasy store. Every corner has something wonderful to delight and surprise 'Alice'. The store has a rustic charm about it and the play of light, highlights the collection of home decor, accessories, furniture and knick knacks that have been personally selected by Harita and are relevant to the changing Indian Identity in an evolving context. 

Sharing some photos from Artisan's Cottage. Visit their FB page for more photos and an insight into the delightful store here

Photo credit: Artisan's Cottage

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  1. Hi Kriti,

    This place looks lovely, wonder how I missed this out. I'll visit this place at the earliest and probably write a first hand review myself. Thanks for the pics and the information. :)


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