Monday, December 17, 2012

An Enchanted Summer

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Considering that only about 10 - 12% of the human population lives in the Southern hemisphere, the thought of a Christmas in Summer is downright absurd for some. 

But then, somewhere in the world, it’s summer!!

So celebrating Summer in December, here are gorgeous handmade lovelies that I have scouted from the bottom half of the world!


Vintage Softies from Grrl + Dog

Love, love, love these adorable one of a kind stitched mementos from vintage fabrics, buttons and laces. Denise spends hours stitching and weaving a beautiful story for each of these softies. Every one of them has a name and no two are alike! Its difficult not to fall in love with these.  What makes these even more wonderful is that Denise especially uses material from the 30's and 40's that echos the sentiments of its previous owners and the spirit of "mend and make do". The etsy shop is a visual treat!

Photo credit: Denise Litchfield

2. CHILE  

Hand embroidered Potholders from Karen Barbe Textileria

I absolutely fell in love with these cross stitch inspired pot holders handmade in Chile by Karen Barbe. These are embroidered on one side and has an organic cotton backing on the reverse. The design and colors are fresh, and so inspiring!

Karen is a Textile designer based in Santiago, Chile and creates unique handmade pieces from her home. She also conducts embroidery workshops from her studio. Read Karen's blog to appreciate her work and shop here

Photo credit: Karen Barbe


Handwoven Raffia Handbags from Mar Y Sol

This absolutely stunning handbag spells SUMMER! It is handmade in Madagascar using Raffia fibers and is the brain child of two New York based designers. 

The brand Mar Y Sol has collaborated with artisans in Madagascar to create stunning accessories made by hand from sustainable raw materials sourced from the forests of Madagascar. 

The raw material 'Raffia' comes from palm trees that originally grew in Madagascar. The leaves from the palm trees are dried to create the raffia strands which are soft, pliable and easy to dye. 

See and shop here
Mar Y Sol's collections are available world over and can be purchased via Miss Moss in Australia. 

Photo credit: Mar Y Sol


Handcrafted Leather bags from RedOker

There is something so sophisticated and intoxicating about a well cut handcrafted genuine leather bag that I can't put into words. These leather handbags by RedOker are absolutely captivating and I have put them on high priority in my 'must buy list'
RedOker's leather collection is 100% handmade and crafted by skilled artisans in Gauteng, South Africa. 
Every piece reflects a unique personality and can be classified as a prized possession by its owner.  RedOker aims to create job opportunities for unskilled craftsmen through training at their Leather Training facility. 
Admire these here

Photo credit: RedOker


Handmade Bahia Luck Bracelets from Hipanema  

Bahia luck bracelets have been around for about 200 years now, a tradition from Brazil thought to bring the wearer luck if worn around the wrist until it falls off on its own. Read more here
Hipanema has given the luck bracelets a charming twist. Bored with the idea of tying and retying the colorful, handwoven bracelets, two Parisian girls decided to add a clasp, mixed shells, beads, sequins and the Bahia ribbons to create the very fashionable Hipanema bracelets. The Hipanema bracelets are now a fashion trend sported by familiar celebrities - Lucky girls!
See these here


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  1. thank you very much - your words are very kind and you have shown me some other really cool makers.


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